Shared Living Home Placement Process

Human Service Solutions developed a centralized database-driven system for the California MENTOR Family Home Agency program in order to help case workers conveniently search available shared-living placement options to match adults with disabilities with provider (Mentor) homes that meet the resident’s unique needs.

This web-based system is accessible by authorized users from anywhere with an Internet connection, making it a flexible and practical option that can utilized by staff members and case workers from multiple office locations, or remotely in the field.

This system has the potential to not only enhance the efficiency of the shared-living placement process, but can also empower residents to participate in the home evaluation and selection process along with their case-workers.

The system also provides for enhanced efficiency in helping providers to fulfill their responsibilities by offering a web-based Mentor Center, where providers can login to access information about trainings, forms, required materials, announcements or other resources.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Improved efficiency managing and assigning shared living placements
  • Improved communications with providers; improved provider compliance with program requirements
  • Increased participation among those with disabilities in the home evaluation and placement process. 
  • Improved resident satisfaction with shared placements 
  • Reduced time and costs associated with travel and postage

Search Homes and Filter Results Based on Resident Needs

Provider Home ResultsCase-workers and residents can view homes together and find appropriate matches in a given area. Options for filtering include:

  • Location/Zip Code
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Pets in Home
  • Children in Home
  • Provider Characteristics (gender, bi-lingual, sign language)
  • Provider Experience (e.g. behavioral, mental health, medical, social services)

View Detailed Provider Home Profiles

Provider ProfileCase-workers and residents can view detailed profiles about the provider and the home. Key information available includes:

  • Provider Biography
  • Photos of Home
  • Map of Neighborhood
  • Pets in Home
  • Children in Home
  • Contact Information
  • Provider Experience
  • Provider Certifications

Provider CenterProvider Center

Each Provider has a login to a Mentor Center where they can access  information and resources that help them in their role as a provider, including:

  • Training Event Listings
  • News & Updates
  • Documents & Form Downloads
  • Profile Review

Admin Control PanelAdministration Control Panel

The system comes equipped with a control panel where authorized staff can login and perform a number of administrative functions, including:

  • Manage Provider Home/Profile Information
  • Upload Provider Home Photos
  • Activate/Deactivate Profile Status
  • Enter News & Updates
  • Upload Documents
  • Create User Accounts for Case-Workers and Administrators


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