Dining on Cape Cod is the premier restaurant directory for Cape Cod, Massachusetts restaurants. HSS developed an integrated mobile web application to serve as a handheld version of the Dining Guide, allowing users to conveniently browse restaurants and take advantage of mobile-specific features on smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. 

Dining on Cape Cod mobile site Dining on Cape Cod mobile site Dining on Cape Cod mobile site Dining on Cape Cod mobile site

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Mobile Web Application Design, Integration & Device Detection

The mobile website app is developed for a seamless integration with the existing desktop website:

  • Mobile Design Templates - The mobile website utilizes mobile-specific templates based on the look and feel of the desktop site, for a consistent brand identity on both mobile and desktop display.
  • Device Detection - Device-detection identifies when a user is on a mobile device and automatically displays the mobile website.
  • Content Database - The mobile site also shares the same database with the standard desktop website, so no duplication of content is required, and all pages can easily be managed via the site’s CMS.
  • Restaurant Landing Pages - each restaurant in the directory has a mobile sub-site, featuring menus, specials, amenities, hours, contact and directions.

Mobile Features

The mobile web application offers a number of mobile-specific features for users, including:

  • Touch-Screen Navigation – the mobile site’s interface allows users to conveniently navigate the site in a fashion that is optimized for the mobile touch-screen.
  • Click-to-Call - users can call restaurants for reservations or information with a simple one-touch process.
  • Mapping & Directions – users can conveniently get directions to their restaurant destination via Google Maps.
  • Geo-Location – users can quickly identify nearby restaurants based on their current location.

QR Code

Because Dining on Cape Cod is a print publication as well as a web directory, a QR code provides the perfect means to bridge offline and online media. The QR Code is included within the print version of the Dining Guide so users simply need to scan it with their smartphone to get to the interactive mobile version.

Analytics & Measurement

Mobile analytics are able to track the number of users to the Dining Guide web app, along with device type and other statistics.

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