This comprehensive campaign to establish a well-planned Facebook presence included a number of key components:

Strategy & Planning

The first step of the campaign was to cover a number of fundamentals:

  • Define goals and desired outcomes for the campaign
  • Address questions and concerns
  • Identify measurable actions/conversions
  • Research outreach/networking opportunities
  • Plan maintenance infrastructure

Initial Page Setup

With a strategy and plan in place the initial account was created with desired settings:

  • Account setup and preference configuration
  • Profile creation
  • Admin accounts setup
  • Photo gallery uploads
  • Video upload


A number of custom tabs were created for the page, each with a unique design, including:

  • Specials – feature current  discounts and incentives
  • Packages – highlight special packages for target audiences
  • Reservations – book online
  • Welcome – “Like” page for new visitors
  • Reveal Page – automatically displays for new fans
  • Testimonials – shows feedback from happy customers

Cross-Site Integration

The new Facebook page was given visibility on both of the hotel’s websites and the resort blog with prominent icons, as well as an integrated Like button. An RSS feed was also utilized in order to automatically publish new blog updates to the Facebook page in one step.

Lead Capture & List-Building

The new Facebook page includes a number of opportunities to capture qualified leads from fans/visitors while also building the resort’s email list:

  • Specials form – allows users to request information about specials and promotions
  • Email signup form – presented immediately after someone becomes a new fan
  • Rates & Reservations – allows visitors to initiate the reservations process from the Facebook
  • Packages – emphasizes toll-free support line, as well as link to resort contact form

Fan-Base Development & Engagement

An important component of the campaign was to quickly develop a foundation of loyal fans that would give shape to a true interactive community on Facebook. A multi-pronged approach was utilized in order to accomplish this task, including:

  • Public announcement to highlight the new Facebook page, sent to the resort’s email list
  • Leveraging existing relationships on Facebook
  • Forming new relationships on Facebook with local businesses and industry organizations
  • Hotlinking posts with other pages
  • Posting engaging content to inspire fan interaction
  • Integration with the hotel’s external web properties

Maintenance & Support

An important component of the campaign was to ensure that the resort’s marketing/administrative staff could become self-sufficient in managing their own Facebook presence. HSS worked closely with the hotel’s marketing team to ensure that the appropriate maintenance infrastructure was in place, setup administrative user accounts, and discuss a practical publication strategy along with best practices for growing and managing a social media community on Facebook.

Initial Results

Within the first 30 days of setup, the hotel’s Facebook page quickly realized a number positive trends, including:

  • Over 2,000 fans
  • Hundreds of new email registrations
  • Dozens of qualified sales inquiries
  • Consistent wall activity, including fan-initiated posts
  • Consistent interaction not only between the hotel and guests, but between guests themselves!

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