Construction Document Management

The Facilities Management department of Children’s Hospital Boston required a web-based document management solution that would help them centralize, share and easily maintain a complex array of building specifications for all hospital facilities. Furthermore, they needed the capability to manage and share documentation according to the MasterFormat coding system, an industry-standard construction specifications taxonomy developed by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

To meet this challenge, HSS developed a dynamic database-driven .Net application that allows Facilities Management staff to conveniently upload files to a secure location where they can be accessed by authorized staff, architects, engineers and other contractors working with the hospital.

In addition to supplying specifications in the MasterFormat hierarchy, the system also provides the option to share other architectural and construction details in an open non-CSI format. This combination of structure and flexibility provides not only standardized specifications, but also guidelines and recommendations for materials, products and procedures to ensure quality and consistency across all projects according to hospital standards. The system also ensures that the hospital is in compliance with federal Joint Commission guidelines for maintaining building documentation.

CHB FM Design Guide HomepageKey Benefits

  • Improve efficiency of file management, planning and sharing among teams of architects, engineers, project managers, construction contractors and Facilities Management staff
  • Centralized, simple and efficient file management solution
  • Minimize costly errors or construction changes related to incorrect or outdated documentation, changes, omissions or discrepancies
  • Comply with Joint Commission accreditation standards for hospitals
  • Comply with internal audits
  • Completely customizable to grow with client needs over time

FM Design Guide Files SampleUser Features & Functions

  • Remote browser-based access from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time
  • Unique login credentials for each user
  • Simple user-friendly interface for easy file navigation and selection
  • View descriptions of file contents, and date of last upload
  • Navigate documentation according to standardized CSI MasterFormat numbering system hierarchy (Divisions, Subdivision, Category, Subcategory), or search based on keyword or CSI MasterFormat code
  • Access to multiple types of construction documentation such as blueprints, architectural renderings, technical drawings, AutoCad files and other project plans and specifications
  • Conveniently add files to a FileCart™ as you browse the site; view all selected files and download at any time
  • Bundled Download™ feature saves all files to a zip folder for efficient one-step file download

CHB FM Design Guide Admin ViewAdmin Features & Functions

  • Complete file management capability with add/edit/delete permissions
  • Upload multiple file types, such as PDF, DWG or ZIP files
  • Large file upload capacity, with upload progress indicator
  • Assign files to predefined CSI MasterFormat categories and subcategories
  • Capability to update MasterFormat titles and codes to accommodate future CSI changes
  • Enter titles and descriptions for architectural and construction details content
  • Manage general content such as policies/procedures and department contact information
  • Create unique user accounts for each contractor
  • Assign varied levels of access for each admin user
  • Dynamic menu system only displays MasterFormat divisions/subdivisions with underlying content

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