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Whether you have an in-house team, or need to outsource your communications entirely, we partner with CAA's both large and small by offering a range of communications services that are uniquely tailored to reach target audiences in your community, and help your organization succeed.

"HSS has been a great partner to work with... they have consistently exceeded our expectations in regard to timeline, quality, flexibility and innovation."

- Leslie Dunn, Self Help, Inc.

Communications Solutions for Community Action

We combine in-depth web, marketing, and brand-building expertise with years of experience helping community action agencies and other non-profit groups thrive – both online and off. We empower mission-based organizations to connect with target audiences, solidify their brand identity, and achieve strategic goals using a customized media mix of web, digital advertising, social, and print that is tailored to each client's needs.

Web Development

Whether your website needs a little TLC, or a complete makeover, we partner with you for a fully-supported professional web presence, including everything from development to maintenance.

Website Development • Website Design • Landing Page Development • Site Makeovers • Hosting & Maintenance

Web Devleopment

Video Production

Video is a powerful way to add a new dimension of storytelling to your communications strategy and highlight your organization's mission. Video is also highly versatile and can be used across a variety of channels - from your website, to social media, to search, television and other forms of digital advertising. 

View sample community action videos >

Video Production • Custom Animation • Whiteboard Explainers • Script Writing • Closed Captioning

Video Production

Social Media Marketing

There are many ways to leverage your social media presence for community engagement, to build local awareness about programs, services, events, and to elevate the general profile of your organization. HSS can work directly with your team to make sure that your social media presence is working for you. Learn More

Sponsored Posts • Campaign Setup • Copywriting and Creative • Performance Tracking and Reporting

Social Media Marketing

Multimedia Ad Campaigns

Wherever you need to be seen in your community, we can help give your organization a presence. From transit advertising to billboards, and print ads in local publications, running a campaign across traditional media formats can complement your digital campaigns and ensure that your message is getting maximum exposure, online and off.

Transit Advertising • Print Ads • Cable Television Ads • Billboards

Video Production

"They continue to exceed our expectations in taking a simple idea and rolling into our overall strategy while keeping us within budget."

- Lisa Clay, Massachusetts Association for Community Action (MASSCAP)

Our Work with Community Action Agencies

Whether your needs are fairly straightforward, or more complex and multifaceted, we can work with your team to build and execute a communications plan tailored to your organization's unique needs. Here are a few recent projects.

Census 2020 Outreach Campaign

A multi-channel campaign to increase Census participation amongst hard-to-count populations. The strategy included development of targeted messaging that could be disseminated across media, from search ads to cable television spots, targeted email, and social media.  

LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Outreach Campaign

HSS developed an outreach campaign to raise awareness about the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) within the Massachusetts. This included development of a media strategy that spanned across several channels for optimal reach.

MASSCAP - Community Action Awareness Campaign

HSS worked with MASSCAP to develop a state-wide awareness campaign around the theme of "Community Action Works" to help educate the public about poverty in Massachusetts, as well as the role that community action agencies play in helping individuals and families in need.

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