Featured Outreach Campaigns

If your organization needs to reach target audiences across multiple media channels, HSS can craft an outreach campaign for maximum reach and optimal results, tailored to your goals and budget. Here are a few recent examples. 

  • Self Help Inc

    Community Census Outreach Campaign

    HSS produced a multi-channel campaign to increase Census participation amongst hard-to-count local populations. The strategy included development of targeted messaging that could be disseminated across media, from search ads to cable television spots, targeted email, and social media.  

  • Fuel Assistance

    Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP) Outreach Campaign

    HSS developed a campaign to raise awareness about the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) within Massachusetts. This critical federal program helps to assist millions of households with the challenges of fuel and heating costs each year.


    MASSCAP - Community Action Awareness Campaign

    HSS worked with MASSCAP to develop a state-wide awareness campaign around the theme of "Community Action Works" to help educate the public about poverty in Massachusetts, as well as the role that community action agencies play in helping individuals and families in need.

  • MNA

    Massachusetts Nurses Association - Peer Assistance Program

    HSS worked with the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) to develop a new website, video, and social media spot to help promote MNA's Peer Assistance Program, a free, confidential resource offered for nurses struggling with substance use problems.

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