A professional website design for your assisted living community is a fundamental building block that establishes your public identity, credibility and connection with prospective residents and families that are seeking a senior living environment for a loved one.

At Human Service Solutions we pride ourselves on a comprehensive approach to website design and development that is specifically tailored to the needs of assisted living and senior care communities. We employ a process that embodies all of the core components for a long-lasting professional web presence, including the following:


  • Website Design

    Our approach to website design balances brand identity and aesthetics with usability and functionality. This ensures that your website not only looks great, but is easy to use and contains all of the features that your assisted living community needs to be successful on the web.

    • Custom Design - Whether your preference is a sleek modern look, or something more traditional (or somewhere in between), your website design will be tailored to your preferences and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.
    • Mobile-Friendly - Your site will use a responsive design to display optimally on any device - from desktop to tablet and handheld smartphones.
    • Brand Integration - Your website will reflect your organization's unique identity to highlight your best assets.
    • Web Copywriting - Need content for your website? No problem, we can craft compelling content tailored to your target audiences.
    • Information Architecture - We'll make sure your site is user-friendly and easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Content Management System

    Every website needs to be updated, whether it's just once in a while, or on a regular basis, a content management system (CMS) makes it easy to keep your assisted living community website current . Our CMS implementations cover all of your content management needs, including:

    • Add and Edit Pages - An easy-to-use page editor makes editing your website or adding new content as simple as using Microsoft Word.
    • Publish News and Events - to keep everyone up to date about what's going on in your community.
    • Manage Photos and Files - Upload documents and images on-demand.
    • Popular Platforms - Including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and our own HSS platform.
    • Customization - Functionality tailored to your unique requirements.
  • A Business Tool to Grow Your Assisted Living Community

    A professional website is not just an online brochure - it's a fundamental business tool. We design senior living websites with your business needs in mind, including:

    • Sales Lead Capture - easy-to-use inquiry forms make it simple for visitors to send a service inquiry that is captured in a database and sends your team a notification. We can also integrate with your own CRM or sales system if you have one.
    • Search Performance - our websites are SEO-friendly, and built to give you optimal visibility in search engines like Google, so that your target audiences can find you easily. We can also setup and managed Google Ads campaigns for additional search exposure.
    • Social Media Integration - make sure your website and your social media channels are seamlessly integrated and work together.
    • Locations Management - If you've got multiple locations, we make it easy to give each location its own identity, content management tools, and staff contacts.
    • Web Analytics - Get real-time reporting on your site's performance.
  • Support and Partnership

    Our commitment to your success doesn't end when your new website launches. We remain a committed partner to provide you with everything you need to maintain a successful web presence for your business year-after-year with website maintenance, hosting and support.

    • Team Collaboration - We will work with your in-house marketing or administrative team as-needed - whether it's once every great while, or on a regular basis - to support your online communications efforts. Website Support Packages - Tailored to your needs.
    • Managed Hosting - Keeps your site current and up and running, worry-free.
    • Priority Support - Rapid response for troubleshooting, maintenance and updates.

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