Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is one of the most effective paid search programs to drive qualified pay-per-click (PPC) leads and generate new business on a continuing basis. However, it's also challenging to get top visibility in competitive markets while also efficiently managing your monthly ad spend.

A successful PPC campaign requires attentive ongoing management to achieve optimal results. HSS Google Ads management services are designed to zero in on your target customers and employ strategies that maximize ROI, reduce waste, and ensure that your ad budget is directed toward only the highest performing keywords and campaigns.  

Our Google Ad campaign process is conducted through an initial setup and optimization phase followed with ongoing reporting, assessment, and account management for maximum value and performance.

Initial Campaign/Account Setup & Optimization

Whether you have an existing Google Ads account that needs fine-tuning, or an entirely new setup, we follow a number of best practices, including:

  • Keyword research – identify new opportunities for target keyterms based on search query volume, competition, budget, and desired visibility.
  • Develop ad Groups – create multiple ads for each ad group, including copywriting of ad titles and descriptions.
  • Set budget and bidding strategies.
  • Configure account settings for most effective ad display and efficient use of campaign budget.
  • Set geographic targeting for each campaign.
  • Develop negative keyword list to discourage unqualified leads.
  • Conversion tracking - setup performance goals, including form submissions and call-tracking.
  • Quality assurance – integrate Google Analytics, test conversion goals, monitor average positions and ensure that all keyphrases and ad copy is approved by Google.
  • Review landing pages and provide conversion optimization recommendations to drive leads when new visitors arrive on your pages (otherwise, what's the point, right!?).

Campaign Management - Monitoring & Reporting

Once your campaign is active, we continually monitor to ensure optimal ongoing performance:

  • Monitor campaign on an ongoing basis and adjust bids for optimal performance and ROI.
  • Evaluate performance of ads and assess conversion rates.
  • Allocate greater portion of budget towards ads and terms with the highest proven conversions rates over time.
  • Prepare monthly report summarizing campaign activity with future recommendations; this information will help to inform any subsequent performance adjustments each month.
  • Work with your marketing team to setup new campaigns and/or modify existing campaigns as new programs and ideas are developed.

Whether you're thinking or experimenting with Google Ads for the very first time, or whether you're wondering if your existing Google Ads campaign performance could be improved with professional management, we're happy to provide guidance. Please use the form below or contact us directly for a free consult.

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