With over 2.6 billion active users, many organizations already know that Facebook is a practical way to stay connected with customers, supporters, and those who live in the communities they serve.

HSS can help expand your Facebook presence with special campaigns to target specific users with unique messages tailored to whatever it is that you want to promote or communicate.

Whether you are a for-profit looking to boost brand recognition and cultivate new sales leads, or a nonprofit that wants to try new forms of fundraising or community outreach for your programs, Facebook advertising is a highly effective tool for reaching new and diverse audiences. Best of all, it’s measurable, cost-effective, and complementary to your other digital marketing efforts. 

HSS will setup the posts/ads to run on Facebook, including the following:

Creative Development

Whether it’s a sponsored post or an advertisement, HSS will help you develop the appropriate creative format and content for your campaign. We can use creative that you provide, or we can tailor new creative for you, including copywriting, graphics, video, and custom landing pages.

Audience Targeting

With a range of targeting options, Facebook makes it easy to zero in on the users you want to reach. Ads can be Setup based demographic and geographic factors, including age, gender, location, and interests. We can also create “look-a-like” campaigns based on your existing customer lists, and retargeting campaigns to reinforce your brand for users across the web, including on other platforms such as Instagram.

Monitoring & Reporting

We will monitor your ads to track performance, and once completed prepare a report so you can see the number of engagements and actions generated over the course of the campaign.

Collaboration & Consultation

We will work with your team to determine the appropriate type of Facebook marketing campaign(s) to meet your goals, as well as helping to shape your larger social media strategy. We typically work with our clients in a collaborative process whereby we support your in-house team with specialized campaigns to complement their day-to-day efforts (read our article about outsourcing your social media vs. in-house management).


Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising, or whether you’ve already given it a try and are seeking to elevate your results and improve your return on investment, we’ll be happy to tailor a campaign to meet your goals.

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