An "explainer" style video is a highly effective tool for communicating your message on the web. Whether you are selling a product or service, promoting a cause, or educating the public, explainer videos help you capture the attention of visitors and get your point across. 

Why is a Custom Explainer Video Animation so Effective?

Explainer videos are a great choice to incorporate into your media mix for a number of reasons:

CheckEasy to Understand - Explainer videos utilize a combination of graphics, text, icons, and animations which makes it easy for users to digest your message quickly and easily. 

CheckHard to Ignore - Explainer videos are both visual and auditory, so users can see and hear your content at the same time, increasing comprehension and retention of your message.

CheckVersatile - Explainer videos can be used in a variety of formats across different channels, from web pages, to social media, to digital ads and TV spots.

CheckEngaging - An explainer video format commands attention, which leads to increased engagement with your target visitors and greater conversions.

CheckResults-Focused - Explainer videos are an effective way to drill home a central point that encourages viewers to take action.

What Does an Explainer Video Project Include?

Pen and PaperScript Writing

We will produce a professionally crafted script that reinforces your key messages and resonates with target audiences.


MicrophoneVoiceover Recording & Background Audio

Your video will have professional narration that gives your message a voice, accompanied by background music that sets the tempo and tone of your video.


Video PlayWhiteboard Animation

We'll take your video script and bring it to life with a combination of animated graphics, text, and icons that make your message easy to absorb at-a-glance.


ClipboardHeroic Project Management

We'll work with your team and manage the process every step of the way for a seamless process from start to finish. 


HD VideoDelivery

You'll end up with a professional HD quality video that you can use anywhere and looks consistently great, from the smallest mobile devices to the largest monitors or TV screens. 


Money IncreaseThe Project That Keeps on Giving

Once you have your custom explainer video you will have a new media asset that you can repurpose to suit your needs and syndicate across channels over time - from your website, to YouTube, Facebook, Television, and more. 


Want to See an Explainer Video in Action? Here's an Example...

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