If you want a professional web presence, a reliable maintenance plan is a must. HSS provides ongoing website maintenance, hosting and support plans tailored to your organization's needs. We cover all of the key elements to keep your website operating optimally and reliably, including:

  • Dedicated Website Hosting

    HSS provides stable LAMP and Windows website hosting with 99% uptime guarantee. No more sharing system resources with unknown entities (as is the case on a shared hosting plan) - we only host a select group of clients for a safe and stable environment. If a 3rd party hosting provider is desired, HSS can also act as a liaison to provide managed hosting services with the provider of your choice.

  • Troubleshooting & Priority Support

    HSS will be on-call to troubleshoot and resolve any bugs or errors that impact site functionality, appearance or performance.

  • Site Administration & CMS Updates

    HSS will be responsible for ensuring that the site's content management system is properly maintained, up to date, and has the proper plug-ins to support the site's functionality and reliable operation. We support a range of content management systems, including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, and custom-developed CMS tools and web applications.

  • Redundant Backups

    Your website's data, files and codebase will be backed up to multiple locations to ensure peace of mind in the event of disaster recovery.

  • Template Edits & Site Modifications

    HSS will perform edits to site templates, structure or functional elements that are not accessible or easily managed with standard content publication tools.

  • Secure SSL Encryption

    Provide visitors with the confidence of a secure website that protects their data, while also boosting search authority.

  • Dedicated Account Contacts

    You will be assigned a primary contact, as well as a secondary contact, that will serve as the account manager for all support requests, as well as providing project management for more involved development tasks.

  • Site Monitoring

    HSS constantly monitors your site to ensure that it is performing optimally, and to flag any operational errors, resource bottlenecks, or security problems. This proactive approach ensures that your site remains up and running smoothly on a continuing basis without disruption. 

  • Site Structure & Navigation Management

    HSS will help maintain the site's global site navigation structure by managing primary and sub-navigation menus, with updates and edits as necessary to accommodate new site pages or architecture changes.

  • Strategic Consultation

    HSS will remain a committed partner to collaborate with you on strategic web development, best practices, related initiatives and campaign planning, as-needed.

Every organization needs a website maintenance plan in one form or another. If you do not currently have a plan for ongoing website maintenance, or if you are looking to improve the reliability of your support and/or optimize your website performance, please feel free to reach out to us; we would be happy to learn more about your needs, answer questions, and provide recommendations. 

To learn more, simply complete the form below and we’ll be happy to follow-up with additional information, including:

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