Healthcare SEO

Why SEO Matters for Healthcare Providers

When consumers want health information the first place they turn is to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN/Bing. In fact, seeking healthcare information is one of the most common online activities among Internet users of all ages (see Pew Research Center Study: Generations Online). Healthcare SEO is key to reaching these users.

Because so many people seek healthcare information on the Internet, there is a significant opportunity for organizations that employ search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to reach their target audiences. It also means that organizations who cannot be found in search engines are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach the very people who need them most.

Whether you’re a specialty medical practitioner, a hospital, local clinic, nonprofit organization or a company serving the medical or pharmaceutical industries, if you’re in the business of healthcare it is imperative that your target audiences can find you online.

How We Help

Human Service Solutions specializes in working with medical professionals and healthcare organizations of all types in order to identify the unique areas of healthcare terminology most relevant to your core demographic, and most effective to target with healthcare SEO. We guide you through a structured seo process designed to maximize results and ROI, including:

  • Discovery & Research - defining your campaign goals and assessing level of competition, site structure, strategic keyterms and baseline performance.
  • Implementation - optimization of site pages and application of professional best practices for seo.
  • Analysis - Monitoring and reporting of site performance, along with informed recommendations and ROI assessment.

We also understand that the end goal of any SEO campaign is not merely to get visitors to your website, but to convert those visits into actionable goals for your organization. Whether your goals are to increase your roster of patients, number of procedures, or improve sales or donations, we strive to ensure that your SEO campaign produces measurable results that facilitate your business goals.

Want to learn more about what a professional SEO campaign can do for your healthcare marketing efforts? Please feel free to call (508-405-2415), or complete the inquiry form below for a free consultation; we’d be happy to learn about your business and see what we can do for you.

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