Healthcare Internet Marketing

Healthcare information is one of the most commonly searched topics on the Internet, and this presents a myriad of opportunities for healthcare providers and health-oriented businesses that want to reach prospective patients and clients through healthcare Internet marketing.

Human Service Solutions has a proud history of helping healthcare organizations execute strategic Internet marketing efforts – from hospitals, to educational institutions, private service providers and nonprofit organizations. If your mission is healthcare, we understand the business of communicating with those seeking healthcare-related services and information.

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthcare Internet Marketing

We know there is no single one-size fits all solution when it comes to effectively marketing healthcare services and products on the Internet. We works with your healthcare-related business to select the Internet marketing tactics that work best for reaching your target audiences, promoting your brand identity and facilitating your organizational goals, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization – attract targeted web traffic to your website
  • Web Design & Development – build an effective web presence that converts traffic into clients
  • Email Marketing – send targeted communications and maintain relationships
  • Mobile Web Communications – stay connected everywhere on smartphones and handheld devices
  • QR Codes – link online and offline media, and track your results.
  • Conversion Optimization – don’t just get web traffic; get qualified prospects.
  • Brand Integration – whatever the communications channels we aim to keep consistent messaging and identity across media, whether online or offline.
  • Web Analytics & Reporting – gauge  Internet marketing efforts in objective, measureable terms

Strategic Marketing Collaboration

We know that a well-rounded Internet marketing strategy typically involves coordinating efforts between a number of key decision-makers. Whether your project requires involvement of internal staff or outside consultants and agencies, we take a collaborative team-building approach that leverages your assets, and ensures a consistent message and brand identity across media.

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