Qfuse is a QR code tracking and reporting system system that makes integrating QR codes into your media strategy and marketing materials a simple process from start-to-finish. Qfuse allows you to easily create, manage and track QR codes from a convenient dashboard interface.

QR Code Tracking Dashboard

 Qfuse QR Code Tracking

The Qfuse dashboard allows users to easily manage QR codes from a centralized location with a number of key features, including:

  • Convenient browser-based access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • View scan analytics for each of your QR code campaigns at-a-glance
  • Create QR codes, or edit existing codes (for self-service accounts)
  • Specify the landing page for each QR code
  • Edit codes and change URLs, even after codes have been published
  • Download QR code files
  • Export QR code reporting to a spreadsheet

QR Code Reporting

Qfuse QR Code Reporting

Qfuse reporting allows you to view the scan activity on each QR code, including:

  • Total number of scans and unique scans
  • Date and time of each scan
  • Geo-location information with city, state and country for each scan
  • User device types (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc)
  • Graphical view or data view of reporting

Consulting & Support

There is virtually an unlimited number of ways that QR codes can be used in marketing communications, advertising and other outreach. If you’re reading this page then you’ve already thought about some of the possibilities QR codes may hold for your organization’s media strategy. Qfuse provides the tools to measure the success of your QR code campaigns, and our support will help you make strategic decisions about how to use QR codes in the first place. Our aim is to help you be successful in your QR code marketing efforts, whatever your goals may be.

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