A custom QR code design can take many shapes and forms. Whether the goal is to create a branded QR code that integrates your company logo, or to design a code that follows a creative theme, there are a range of possibilities.

QR Code Design Samples

Key considerations for custom QR code designs

When designing a custom QR code there are a number of interrelated factors to take into account, each of which can affect the appearance and scan consistency of the code.

  • Target Audiences /Devices – who will most likely be scanning the codes, and what devices will they be using? If you reasonably expect that your target audiences will be on devices with the latest code scanning capabilities you can push the limits of QR code design a bit further than you might for users on older devices.
  • Media Type – How will your custom-designed QR code be displayed – will it be used in an advertisement, on a poster, a POP display or something else?
  • Design Requirements – how will your custom QR code design be used – will it be a stand-alone design, or will it be integrated with other artwork?
  • Size & Distance – how large does the code need to be – is it going to be placed on a business card, or a billboard? The size of the code determines how close the user needs to be when scanning the code (the larger the code, the further the distance). The size of the code is also related to error correction and therefore can impact design options.
  • Error correction – QR codes can contain varying levels  of error correction, which is an important factor with designs that distort or obscure the code in some way.
  • Contrast – custom QR code design often involves manipulating the color of the code (background and/or foreground); contrast is one of the most important factors to ensure that the code can be successfully scanned.

What can you do with a custom QR Code Design?

Custom QR code designs can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • Advertising – stand out by using a custom QR code design in your ad campaign.
  • Marketing Materials – integrate a QR code design into posters, brochures, business cards and other company communications.
  • Apparel – turn qr code designs into wearable art.

Hosted QR Code Designs

If you are using your custom-designed QR code for professional purposes, it’s important to make sure that the code is tied in with qr code tracking and reporting capabilities so that you can monitor usage over time. A hosted QR code (sometimes also referred to as a dynamic QR code) will also allow you to change the destination URL for your code on-demand, even after it’s been printed and distributed.

QR Code Design Services

A custom QR code design is all about finding the correct balance of aesthetic appeal and practical application in a way that works with your communications goals. Please contact us to learn more about how QR code design services and dynamic QR code hosting can work for your organization.

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