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Marketo is one of the premier solutions for developing targeted email campaigns and highly customizable email templates with marketing automation capabilities. If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable partner to help your marketing team develop custom designed templates for Marketo, look no further. We offer email production packages that can be tailored to your marketing team's needs, including:

  • Responsive Email Design - Mobile-friendly email is not an option - it’s a necessity! We produce custom responsive email design templates that scale reliably across all devices - from desktop, to tablet and handheld. Your email design will be tailored to your brand image and optimized to drive conversions. 
  • Custom Email Coding - Have your own email designs that you need coded into a reusable Pardot email template, or delivered to a vendor for a third-party send to a rented list? No problem. Whether it's an email newsletter, a product announcement, an event email, or something else, we can convert your email design to high-quality, responsive HTML/CSS with pixel-perfect precision.
  • Email Testing - With the broad range of email applications available across a diverse range of devices, email testing has become a critical component in the email production process. No longer is it sufficient to preview the email on your primary email account and send it off. We QA your email display across multiple devices and platforms to ensure that it will render consistently for everyone who receives it, from Outlook, to iPhone, and Gmail.
  • Editable Template Production - We can setup templates that are coded with editable regions to be used in the Marketo email editor, making it easy for you to customize your content, and use the same template for your campaigns again and again.
  • Dynamic Content Variables - We can pull dynamic content into your email using existing data sources, or use personalization tags to tailor your content to each recipient.
  • Campaign Setup & Management - We can work with your marketing team to setup each email campaign according to your specifications, following a disciplined process with attention to detail from beginning-to-end. We will setup the email in Marketo, conduct testing for your team’s approval, manage edits, and make sure that the email is scheduled to send on-time to your desired lists.
  • Consulting & Insight - Throughout the email production process we will work with your team to answer questions and make informed recommendations - from effective subject lines, to call-to-action, copy layout, sender profiles, preheaders and all of the many variables that collectively determine the success of your campaign, we’re with you every step of the way.

All of our email design, production and consulting services for Marketo can be custom-tailored to your organization’s needs, in accordance with your goals, processes and deadlines. We welcome you to contact us for an initial consultation.

What Makes the Email Editor for Marketo Design Templates Exceptional?

Marketo has one of the most robust and reliable solutions for editing custom designed email templates, which is why we're a huge fan of the platform.

The Marketo v2.0 email builder offers clients and their marketing team a high level of control over the design and content of custom emails without knowing a bit of HTML or touching any template code. Text styles, colors, and even background images, can easily be swapped out or changed directly from within the Marketo interface, without any compromise to the email source code. .  

Marketo’s 2.0 editor can also use variables to control just about any other aspect of the email template that you want to modify, which makes it easy to work with, both for us as developers and our clients as users, a huge win-win. 

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