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About Our Client

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) Volunteer Peer Assistance Program is a network of nurses who are in recovery reaching out to other nurses whose life, health, and/or profession are affected by alcohol and/or other drugs.

Project Overview

MNA wanted to update the web presence for their Peer Assistance Program in order to more effectively engage nurses suffering with substance use problems.  

Our Solution

HSS produced a new website with an enhanced look and feel, and prominent calls-to action that make it easy for nurses in need of support to request assistance. HSS also produced a video to help further communicate the program messaging, and a social media spot for additional outreach.


The new Peer Assistance website integrates the organization's content and imagery, and offers practical information about the program. Most importantly, it makes it easy for nurses in need of help to access the hotline and support resources.

Peer Assistance Website

Video Production

A video was produced to help communicate the mission of the program in a way that is both informative, yet sensitive to the difficult process of recovery.

Social Media Advertising

Social media spots help MNA with outreach to let nurses in need know about the Peer Assistance program.

Social Media Advertising