Human Service Solutions (HSS) has launched a new meta search engine that allows users to retrieve top results from the Internet's most popular search engines in a single query.

The BigTop meta search engine was developed in order to allow users to easily get the best results from the Internet's top search engines in a single query. By combining the results from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines and applying a unique ranking logic, BigTop is able to deliver high quality, relevant results from multiple sources simultaniously.

Most people have a favorite search engine they prefer to use for finding information on the web. But because results can vary widely between different search engines, it often makes sense to check more than one engine when you want the confidence of results from more than one source, or when a partricular engine doesn't provide satisfactory results.

BigTop meta search is a noncommercial resource developed by Human Service Solutions, LLC, a web development group based just outside of Boston in Framingham, MA.